Mobile Roulette Bonuses Grow in Popularity

Published On August 10, 2017 | By Kathryn Conn | Casino

The online gambling industry is clipping along at a global annual growth rate that is better than 10 percent and expected to stay that way for the next several years.

Helping boost the sustained growth is the surge of mobile gambling via smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. That includes tablet roulette, which is fast becoming one of the favored  games for mobile casino bonuses.

Industry analysts anticipate mobile gambling will generate about $100 billion in global revenues — about 20 percent of the $500 billion expected from online gambling. As online casinos learn more about player preferences, roulette and its betting simplicity is growing in popularity for casino bonus offers.

Casinos as well as bettors like the relative ease of a free play or similar bonus on the generally even-odds bets that roulette offers. Player can bet odd or even, high or low, or red or black, and have almost an even chance of converting a mobile casino bonus game of roulette into a gambling bankroll.

As legalization of online gambling expands, more people are getting chances to play roulette and win house money with which to gamble from casino bonuses.

Casinos usually place restrictions on how players can use winnings from the special bonuses. Those restrictions often include limiting how much of any winnings from no-deposit bonuses players can withdraw right away. Usually, at least some of the winnings are available to withdraw immediately.

To withdraw the rest, though, generally requires wagering several times the value of the cash won from a casino bonus play. Once a player wagers that amount, the casino will let him or her withdraw all of the winnings from the free play.

Players can always withdraw the winnings from wagering their own money with no restrictions. But when the casino provides the cash for free plays, they will generally make users play longer to cash out any money they might win.

That’s great, though, because betting with house money increases a player’s chances of winning a lot of cash without risking any of their own. Other ways that casinos let players bet with house money include free spins on slots, free plays on table games, and deposit multipliers.

Free spins and free plays essentially work the same way as no-deposit bonuses and generally have similar restrictions on how players can use and withdraw their winnings. Although both essentially amount to gambling with house money, which could create a large bankroll of cash from a player’s winnings.

A deposit multiplier requires players to deposit money into their gambling account, and the casino will usually at least double it, up to a certain amount. If someone deposits $50, the casino will generally give the player at least $100 in gambling credits.


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